DMCCF Distinguished Service Award

The Dean Michael Clarizio Cancer Foundation Distinguished Service Award is designed to honor an outstanding individual/organization who has made extraordinary contributions to individuals and/or families fighting cancer. This award will be presented at the Annual Gala in March.
Awarded to: Tom Marinaro

Every year at the Annual DMCCF Gala, we present the DMCCF Distinguished Service
Award to a very special individual. This award means so much to us as it recognizes and
honors an outstanding individual or organization, having made extraordinary contributions to
individuals and or families fighting cancer. This year we are pleased to announce Tom Marinaro
as the recipient of the award the night of the Gala. Through his very own RH Foundation,
Tom Marinaro has partnered with the DMCCF and other great organizations to assist so many
individuals fighting cancer. His generosity and drive to assist those in need is second to none.
We are so proud to honor Tom March 4th @ the Gala.
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